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  • 07


    What is the structure of gytza53 optical fiber…

    Gytza53 optical cable is loose layer twisted type, key protection optical fiber, full section water blocking structure, double-sided coated aluminum tape longitudinal package, which ensures the radial

  • 05


    What is ADSS optical cable…

    All dielectric self bearing optical cable is a non-metallic optical cable composed of dielectric materials, including necessary support system, which can be directly suspended on the pole tower. It is

  • 06


    Safety technical measures for power monitoring

    Before the construction of mining optical cables, the construction personnel shall wear raincoats, safety belts and walkie talkies. After placing the optical cable in the central substation, the const

  • 30


    Understand fiber optic cable jumper pigtail connector type…

    According to the end face of optical fiber, it represents the front-end structure of ceramic insert: fc/pc, sc/pc, sc/apc, lc/pc/apc/apc/apc/apc/apc. Pc/apc/upc represents the front-end structure of c

  • 15


    Types of optical fiber, optical cable, jumper, connector and adapte…

    Optical fiber end faces are divided into PC, UPC, APC and SPC. Common connectors: fc/pc, sc/pc, sc/apc, lc/pc. Pc/apc/upc represents the front-end structure of ceramic insert. Pc/apc/upc represents th

  • 08


    Optical cable manufacturing process…

    When the angle of the incident light reaches or exceeds a certain angle, the refracted light disappears and all the incident light is reflected back, that is, the total reflection of the light. Accord

  • 03


    How to distinguish the quality of optical cables…


  • 02


    Summary of common basic knowledge points of optical fiber and cable…

    Summary of common basic knowledge points of optical fiber and cable1. Briefly introduce the composition of optical fiber.Answer: optical fiber consists of two basic parts: core, cladding and coating m